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Civil Foundation Engineering Videos

Soil – Foundation Interaction Lecture videos

Interaction between structural element like beams Embeded depth of plate filonenko borodich model hetenyi model 1946 Kerr model 1956 Isotropic Elastic Half space Vlarov model Beams on elastic foundatiın infinite beam with concentrated load Triangular loading the semi infinite beam infinite beam explations Beams of finite length Continued


Seismic Design of Retaining Wall Lecture video

Seismic analysis of retaining wall Design of seismic condition Design of gravity retaining wall based on very small displacement Hydrodynamic effect of pore water Hydrodynamic effect of pore water cont.


Reinforced Earth Lecture video

How to design foundation retaining wall if it is constructing reinforcement. What is reinforced earth Vaiour failures of reinforced earth foundation


Design of Sheet Piles

Sheet Piles Similar to Retaining wall How to determine Sheet Piles Centilever sheet piles Cohesive soil Example Sheet Pile (Granular soil) Active and passive pressure Anchored sheet pile Using Fixed part support method Continue example braced excavation


Pile Foundation – Load Carrying Capacity Lecture Videos

In this video we explain: Grup action of piles Pile group in clay London test of piles (Compression test) Vertical Cyclic pile load test Determination of Qf and Qp Dynamic pile formula Load carrying capacity of under reamed piles in clay settlement of pile group Mayerhof formula 1959 negative skin friction of pile Advanced Foundation Engineering  Full Article…