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Shallow foundations are normally used where the soil close to the ground surface and up to the zone of significant stress possesses sufficient bearing strength to carry the superstructure load without causing distress to the superstructure due to settlement. However, where the top soil is either loose or soft or of a swelling type the load from the structure has to be transferred to deeper firm strata.

Uses of Piles

The major uses of piles are: 1. To carry vertical compression load. 2. To resist uplift load. 3. To resist horizontal or inclined loads.   Normally vertical piles are used to carry vertical compression loads coming from superstructures such as buildings, bridges etc. The piles are used in groups joined together by pile caps. The  Full Article…


Types of Piles According to Their Composition

Piles may be classified according to their composition as 1. Timber Piles, 2. Concrete Piles, 3. Steel Piles. Timber Piles: Timber piles are made of tree trunks with the branches trimmed off. Such piles shall be of sound quality and free of defects. The length of the pile may be 15 m or more. If  Full Article…


Classification of Piles

Piles may be classified as long or short in accordance with the L/d ratio of the pile (where L = length, d = diameter of pile). A short pile behaves as a rigid body and rotates as a unit under lateral loads. The load transferred to the tip of the pile bears a significant proportion  Full Article…